The whole Czech Republic was skating. You too?

We are returning again to the event „The whole Czech Republic is skating“, which took a place at the same time at few places fourteen days ago in Czech Republic. As fans and specialits in inline skating we like these events, because thanks to them we have possibility to meet with you and speak with you. It is important to discuss this event little more. 

   Soutěžit mohli dospělí i děti…

Inline Centrum couldn´t be missing                                                                                            Adults and children could compete


For those who couldn´t come: Maybe you spent a nice day somewhere else and we wish you that from our whole heart, but this was event which doesn´t happen often. Where else you can skate perfectly as here? Next time come with your family and children. 

In Prague, the program was mostly for children. Event took a place in perfect weather in Malesice´s park in Prague 10. One competition for prices took a place in the morning, next one in the afternoon. It was perfectly devided into single parts, so only children could compete, and also children with parents. For children there was very interesting racing obstacle race. And if the little ones didn´t want to skate, they could be in jumping castle, where it was also a lot of fun. 

Big attraction of this park for inline talent, scootrists or skateboarders, is corrugated line of pavement (bowl) making circle in upper part of park. This circle is full of terrain uneven places (camels) with various radius of rays with different feelings of  „humps“ - children didn´t want to leave this park, and to tell the truth, even we didn´t want to leave...

The whole day was testing of skates and we from Inline Centrum as specialits in inline skates offered all consulting, service for free and sale of complete sortiment for special event prices. We mainly tested skates from italian legend Roces, which brought complete this year´s collection including quad skates, but organizer ensured also testing of brand Powerslide.

For you who came: How you liked the event? How you were sutisfied with us? What we could do better next year and what else to offer? Write, write, write... to our email address info@inline-centrum.cz or to our Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/inlinecentrum/ or here to the discussion below the article. We will put it together for the next year.

Have a good time and come to our shop in shopping centrum DBK or to rental in Ladronka, so we can see each other sooner than next year. 


 Zatímco my jsme poskytovali poradenství 

 We from Inline Centrum offered consulting


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