Dictionary of skating concepts

In our dictionary of concepts we focus on terms and phrases connected with skating. Some are based on generally valid definitions, others we described ourself according to your opinions for easier orientation in articles, explenatory notes and texts. So let´s go for it.  

Power skating 

At power skating at the reflection we strongly lean onto the skates, reflection is steeper and comes over the strength of legs and thighs. Also changing of direction and accelaration are faster and steeper at usiing larger strength. Style is similar to hockey skating. Disadvantage is lower stamina and much higher wear and tear of the wheels. It is suitable for maximal speed, accelaration and muscle building. For illustrative idea comparable with running srint. 

Power skating on the top level, is visibly maximal aggressive reflection. 

Dynamic skating 

It is endurance style of skating, where instead of maximal strength you more use lightness and slide. Comparing to power skating we put all the strength to the reflection, so the reflection is not so in the strength of legs and thighs and is not aggressive. Legs in regular intervals we put on the road, we put less of strength into reflection, we use more dynamic and inertia of movement. Dynamic style more often use women or lighter skaters. Advantage is saving the strength, disadvantage is lower speed. It is suitable for cardio and aerobic style of skating. In parallel with running it is more simillar to classic run for longer distance. 

Often then both styles are combined, while you go on strength  and maximal speed and after partial exhaustion you save strength for a while by dynamic lighter slide. 

Style of skating plays the role at choosing of skates for power style are more suitable skates more solid, with more solid shoe, more solid frame and more solid wheels. Dynamic skater can then have softer shoes with higher comfort etc.  

Dynamic skating you can see in the first half of video, time 0:53 is visible transfer from dynamic to power style of skating. 

Recreational skating

Comfortable rides on skates without the demand on performance. To talk with a friend, enjoy the country, to spend Saturday with the children, clean head from worries, this is how we imagine recreational style of skating. Basic comfortable skates, which must to offer sufficient support and stability for usual skating (not all of the shops offer these features, unfortunatelly). 

Fitness skating/conditioning skating/X-Fit

If you take skating as a sport for highering of your sport shape and you want to burn calories on skates or make your shape better, you will get label of fitness skater. Skating as a substitute for running or aerobic activity. To sweat the t-shirt and let the endorphins to swim away. Quality comfortable skates with comfortable and suffient stabile shoe. More resistant frame. Bearings and wheels of good quality for easy smooth ride and mainly resistance for regular use. 

Sport skating

If you take skating seriously, you have basics in you and you work on technique. You want to improve and move forward, ride faster and overcome others. You try to get better reflection and slide, you think about technique and you can do fast ride in the foreground. Braking doesn´t make you nervous and you have already experience in riding. Then you deserve the surname of sport skater. Expensive skates with large wheels, preference of performance before comfort, ventilation etc. Willingness to invest into skating higher amounts and not to save on quality consumables. 

Urban skater/Freeskate/Freeskater

Why to squeeze on cyclo paths, when there are no limits for the wheels. More advanced skater, who obstacles as stairs, rail tracks, hills and benches will easily overcome, but also is looking for them. For sure he can have fun at braking at fast ride from the hill, on the way to the cyclo path will have fun in skatepark. The heaven for him is night boulevard with smooth asphalt finished with nice hill down. He has no problem to avoid obstacles or pedestrians. This is the way how in our opinion rides typical urban skater. Solid quality skates with reinforced shoe with maneuverable frame are necessary. Often change of the wheels and bearings are self-evident. 

Skater beginner

How to skate? And you can brake on it? Where you can turn it off? And where they have the most convenient health insurance? If you have these questions, you are still beginner, but we have skates for you also. We know what skates are good for beginner the best. You need solid stabile with slower wheels and shorter maneuverable frame. If you are lost, which from the offer are the most suitable, don´t hesitate and turn to us. 

Race skater/Speedskater/Race

Everything comes to performance. Regular trainings on wheels even in the "dryness". Skates made with one goal, obtain maximal speed. Comfort, ventilation and similar parameters are on the other side. 

Aggressive skater/Street

Skateparks, jumps, railings, benches, stairs, obstacles. It´s measured by difficulty of tricks with the most suicidal jumps. So robust skates with little wheels. Skates, which you can throw from the fifth floor of the building and they are still like new. Wheels and bearings are changing with the same frequency as paper tissues at the flu. 

Freestyle skater/Freestyle slalom

Slalom, jump to the height, dancing on the skates, figure skating on inline skates. Top maneuverability at the little space, excellent control and maneuverability of skates even in the most breakneck positions. The more solid and more maneuverable skates, the better. 

Inline hockey skater

We are in Czech Republic, so this word doesn´t need to be explained. And you are on sites of special, so the word inline skates also not. Here is probably everything clear, hockey on the roller skates in one row.

Quad/trekking skater

Skaters prefer classic "retro" skates with wheels next to each other, similar as on skateboard, which some remember from Jakes´s brojlers, now they know from serial Soy Luna.


Dancer on trekking skates. 

Off-road skating/Nordic skating

On the grass, dust roads or through the woods. Freedom in the terrain. Off-road or nordic skating. 

Semi-Race/Powerskate skating/Marathon

Discipline Powerskating is called after collection of skates of German producer Powerslide. At competition producers you will meet at this type of skates with name endurance, semi-race or marathon. Models of each categories can have little differencies, base is although still similar. Fast sport skates, which stand on borderline of speed skating and sport skating. They are not so predestined as speed, but the equippment is similar to speedskating. Traditional are skates with large wheels and solid taller shoe from composite or carbon, which is taller then speed, but lower then fitness shoe. These skates make their own category, they are skates suitable for fast ride, trainings and long marathon distances. They are used by experienced sport skaters. 


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