Report - Testing Tempish 2016 skates

Another testing of in-line skates, skateboards and scooters is behind us, this time you could test Tempish skates, skateboards and scooters, the bigger part of our sortiment for testing were racing skates and it was also big interest about them. Testing was on June 4th, 2016 in front of our rental of skates in Modrany on cyclo path Podolí-Zbraslav.

Low racing skates wanted to try more advanced skaters, who are already used to larger wheels, but don't have experience with low shoe, and also many recreational and less advanced skaters, who had skates with large whells on their feet for the first time.

Low carbon skates have advantage mainly in high strength, thus enabling a perfect reflection and foothold, low shoe also enabling riding in a forward bend, skater then can confortably  correct and transfer the center of gravity above the skate slip.  At the same time they are characterized by large wheels and low frame, which if they start moving, hold perfectly speed and achieve very high speed, to achieve necessary speed is necessary to know basics of sport skating. Maintaining balance on one leg, flexed position and proper guidance chute are the assumptions, which are necessarily to achieve high speed, which these skates can develop. This advanced technique you can learn in our free skating courses which we do for our customers. 

Great interest was also about short plastic skateboards, which are experiencing the boom mostly through teenage generation. There were of course available fitness skates, specifically skates from Fitness Five, which are tested by our rental. Daredevils also tested trek skates, which are again coming back to fashion. 

The fourth testing of this year and the fourth time the rain drops, which was about five o'clock ended Saturday's testing of skates for public. Through the month of June the racing rental is moving to our skate rental in Landronka, where you can test skates and try them directly in popular Prague's ring road.


So hello skating and see you at next testing.










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