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Powerslide Megacruiser Pro are not the skates for everyone. Beginners and people interested in conservative design will not be the main target of this model,it is original, fast, significant and don´t want to be for everyone. And they don´t have to be. The mix of huge wheels, short frame and firm shoe will still find many people interested thanks to great mix of speed, stability and agility. Manoeuvrable skates with huge wheels is thesis, which was excluded for a long time in the in-line skates, today this is not true anymore and three-roller skates Powerslide Megacrusier Pro are the proof of it. Maybe because of this, this model called a lot of attention and also brought many questions from our customers. We are glad to bring you ratings right from the terrain. The more because it is from customer of our shop, and here it is.

Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 

This model attracts attention already at the first look, stylish black firm shoe, heat formable inner shoe MYFIT, 125 mm big wheels Powerslide Megacruiser with hardness 86A, looks like a whole absolutely perfect.

The reason for buying was clear, I wanted better speed.  With comparing to fitness skates, these are really faster, I would say about  25% - 50% faster.

Before the first ride I heat adjusted the inner shoe as instructions said, it was very easy and simply what you need is hairdryer or heat gun and in few minutes the shoe will adjust to your leg.The first ride/testing took place on cyclo path Dvorce – Zbraslav, just after few steps I could see the huge different not only in speed but also in manoeuvreability, I didn´t expect this with so huge wheels, I didn´t even feel the ride on rough surface, overall I was very satisfied with the first ride. Other than that I have to say that it took about two rides (each about + -  20km) to get used to these skates.

I rode 300 km on these skates until today. The wheels are slightly worn-out otherwise the skates are absolutely all right, I only greased bearings because I am careful. Honestly, considering my weight (120 kg), it is very good result of the test what are the skates capable of.

To my consideration the skates did great at all points and I can recommend them very much.


David Hrbek


Thank you David for a short review. We did test skates Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro by ourself and we agree with feelings from David, if you want to test similar skates too, check our section test the goods and come to one of our testings.



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