K2 Alexis Boa 2015 - reviews

Queen of the fitness ladies skates - K2 ALEXIS! These skates have been the most popular model over a long time. We decide then to take a look at them properly. We have done a test ride (model 2015 with BOA system) and in this review we will represent the results (and proof wheter these skates deserve its title or not). 

 K2 Alexis BOA




Skates are really comfortable from the very first moment. Comfort remains even during longer ride. Boot is made of soft breathable textile. Manufacturing and sewing work is precise. Aditionally, boot has little volume so it does not look huge on the feet. The boot is not tough therefore we recommend it skaters who prefers comfort rather than strong rebound.




Soft textile boot is supported by Stability Cuff Plus construction. Cuff is upper part of plastic shell from the rivet in the area of ankle. These contruction is higher, with great support of ankle and calf. K2 uses these type in basic and middle skate models ( suitable for skaters who seek for great stability and comfort).





Comfort is enhanced with easy lacing - Boa system. Using the string and pushing the revolving wheel and turning it clockwise are skates quickly and easily fastened. Fastening is solid and reliable. Women sometimes find difficult to fasten skates with traditional lacing since they do not have such power. Therefore Boa system is perfect for them. Skates are easily untied by pulling out the button.

This lacing systems may not be suitable for everyone, however, majority of customers find it very comfortable. According to our experience we can say that Boa system is reliable. K2 cooperates with Boa concern, which has been producing string mechanism for a long time and ranks among the best producers in this field.



The frame is made of two aluminium plates (DC Aluminium) which are riveted into the boot. The frame is light and stable. Maximum wheel size is 90mm. This is great for skaters who maybe in the future will be tempt to be faster. On the other hand, this atribute means that the frame is longer and has a bit higher focus point.



Wheels have diameter 84mm and hardness is 80A. This size is recommened especially to beginners and intermediate skaters who does not require higher speed and prefer stability. Softer wheels also contribute to this - they provide better adhesion and absorb bumps well. Nevertheless, they are not particulary fast.




Bearings ILQ 7 Twincam! Excellent, fast and silent. Ranks among the best bearings offered in this category. Bearings have removable cover from both sides (ZZ) and have standard size (608). They are greased with vaseline and can be cleand and re-greased.




Aluminium spacer 6,2mm, narrowing the center of the bearings for thin screw, is placed between two bearings.



Šrouby mají standardizovaný průměr 6 mm. Z jedné strany šroubu je pod hlavou čtyřhran, který zapadá do konstrukce rámu. Z druhé strany je protikus na běžný šestihran (Hex). Díky tomu stačí na povolení šroubů pouze jeden imbusový klíč velikosti 4. Šrouby jsou z tvrdšího kovu a jsou odolné proti opotřebení.

Screws are standard with diameter 6 mm. From one side there is square which fits in the frame construction. Other side is for common Hex. Thanks to this, loosing and tightening is managed with only one socket head key (size 4). Screws are made of firmer metal therefore they are more resistant.




Wheel size 84mm
Hardness 80A
Bearings ILQ 7 Twincam
Frame DC Aluminium
Lacing Boa System Closure
Category Fitness
Made for Ladies
Season 2015

Model K2 Alexis Boa 2015 je určen především pro běžné rekreační a fitnesové bruslení. Největší výhodou těchto bruslí je jejich univerzálnost a pohodlí. Brusle vyhoví jak začátečnici, tak i pokročilé bruslařce, která hledá lehkou, pohodlnou a stabilní brusli. Bruslařky vyžadující sportovní a rychlou jízdu však zřejmě sáhnou po vyšším modelu. 

K2 Alexis Boa 2015 is primarily for recreational fitness skating. The biggest pro is its comfort and universality. Skates are suitable for beginners and intermediate skaters who requires comfortagle and stable skates. Skaters who want to ride faster should consider another model.

From our point of view, these skates are this year bestsellers with justification. You can hardly find better model in this category.



Our tip


We advise you to measure exact length of your feet for the best choice. According to measured figures, pick the size which is the closest one above your size (unless the feet is not significantly wide). Alternatively, you can visit us in our shop and we will help you with your choice.



Published 23.8.2015


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