Technology of holding frame Trinity

German  gigant Powerslide comes after three-roller skates which are great around the racing world, with new construction of shoe and frame Trinity.  Holding of frame is divided into 3 points and construction is designed to lower the center of gravity the most, which results much better stability and maneuverability. Thanks to Trinity holding the skater has better bouncing, stability and acceleration, skates are much more sensitive and even more they mute uneven surfaces, so just awesome! 

Center of gravity is lowered by 1 cm, practically it means, that skater on 90 mm wheels will have the same stability as skater with 80 mm wheels with normal construction. This is just amazing for demanding skaters!  


The frame is of course screwed, so you can change it if you need to and choose the size of wheels, which are just right for you. 

Three point holding of frame Trinity makes stability better thanks to divided weight onto two front screws, by which there is better transfer of energy into frame and into wheels also. 


Skates maintain technology x-slot mounting, you can centre the frame against shoe exactly as you wish. 

Main advantage is lowering of center of gravity and by this better stability (about 10 mm), which is noticeable and important change 

Skelet of skate is constructed to hold frame Trinity with deep opening for wheels 

Standard holding of quality nomo constrution frame 


Introduction of technology Trinity

Promo video

Technology Trinity at racing skates


Technology Trinity at free/urban skates

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