Skates of year 2017

How was this year Inline Festival and which skates we awarded as the best?

Are you starting with inline skating? Or you are already fan in inline skating, as we are, and you are looking for some better model? Are you interested in novelties, do you need any help or just to chat about our same hobby? For all of you we organized also this year Inline Festival in Galerie Harfa, where you could test more than 400 pairs of skates of various brands for free. 

Why we organized this festival? Because the world of inline skates grew very much in the last years - individual brands come up with new models every year and it is not easy to orientate in them. And what we are excited the most about - there are more new skaters, fans of this sport. Just for you we organized large testing of individual models, and so to make your life easier, as long term specialists we decided to announce the winner of the most important categories. 

Every visitor had a lot of to choose from - there was also space for representatives of all important producers, who act in Czech Republic. Everybody could test any showed model of skates or scooters for free and talk to instructor about everything, what is about skating technique or equipment. To look at novelties, to learn more about new technologies. Of course we don´t want to compliment ourself, but this was the biggest meeting of inline skaters in Czech Republic which was worth to visit and we will try to make next year one even better.  

Spaces, which Galerie Harfa offered to us, was used up to the roof. On roof outside playground instructors showed lessons of inline skating, also skill competition for children for prices couldn´t be missing. Inside in covered hall was installed U-ramp and tracks for speedskaters, slalomers or aggressive skaters.  

Exhibition on U-ramp was breath taking, the same as showings of freestyle skating or speed skating. Program was really rich, including showings of skating on treck skates and performance of roller derby. Willingly the professional riders from rows of fast skaters, freestyle and aggressive skaters came and also inline instructors and riders on scooters. We invited the best ones, f.e. double world master in freestyle scootering Martin Nogola. Also freestyle slalom of master of Czech Republic Tomáš (Brgula) Brandejs couldn´t be missing. What they can do and what was happening in festival, you can watch here

We will not strain you anymore. If you don´t know or hesitate, in which skates to invest, then we have usefull tips for you. We deal with inline skates already many years and these are our horses, for which we can "put our hands also into fire":


Winners of our testing Skates of year 2017:


Women´s skates of year 2017 - category advanced:


1. K2 Vo2 90 Boa W


K2 Vo2 90 Boa W 


Women´s skates of year 2017 - category beginner:


1. K2 Alexis 80


K2 Alexis 80 



Men´s skates of year 2017 - category fitness advanced:


1. K2 Vo2 90 Boa Men 2017


 K2 Vo2 90 Boa Men 2017



Men´s skates of year 2017 - category beginner:


1. K2 Midtown 2017


 K2 Midtown 2017




Women´s skates of year 2017 - category ratio price/performance:


1. Tempish Elur Lady T 90

 Tempish Elur Lady T 90


Men´s skates of year 2017 - ratio price/performance:


1. Tempish Elur 90 

 Tempish Elur 90  



Children´s skates of year 2017:


1. K2 Raider 


 K2 Raider




Children´s skates of year 2017 - ratio price/performance:


1. Tempish Daco


Tempish Daco 




Skates of year 2017 - category Race/Perfromance:


1. Powerslide Marathon 3x 125 2017

  Powerslide Marathon 3x 125 2017



Skates of year 2017 - category discovery of year:


1. Powerslide Swell 110 


Powerslide Swell 110  



2. K2 Mod 110


K2 Mod 110 


3. Powerslide Supercruiser 110 


 Powerslide Supercruiser 110




Skates of year 2017 - category freeskate:


1.Powerslide Imperial 2017


 Powerslide Imperial 2017




Skates of year 2017 - opinion of Inline Centrum:


1.Powerslide Marathon 3x 125


Powerslide Marathon 3x 125 2017 


2. K2 Vo2 90 BoaW 



3. Kaze Supercruiser 110 

Kaze Supercruiser 110 


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