Review - 8. Czech Indoor Inline Open 2016

Fitness skating club Modřany in collaboration with Czech inline skating union held on 20.2.2016 8th season of Czech Indoor InLine Open 2016, which is Czech Open Indoor Speedskate Championship. This event took place in Sport center in Nymburk. Home basketball team made this hall famous.

Inline Centrum was represented by speedskater Hanka Duspivová Duspivová who seized great 2nd place and who also have prepared this review.

Given the fact that it was an open race, skaters from Italy and Slovakia took part as well.

There were in total 165 racers, who met in 13 age-groups and level-groups. Age varioation was wide. The youngest skater was born in 2012, however also senior racers attended the race.


The type of race was all-round competition. According to age-group skaters competed each other in two or three different tracks. Skater was given then certain amount of points according to position. Whose sum of points was the smallest, won. In case of tie, the decision was based on scores from the longest track.


For categories: Young Juniors B (2005 – 2006), Young Juniors A (2003 – 2004), Cadets (2001 – 2002), Juniors B (1999 – 2000), Juniors (1997-1998), Seniors (1996 a starší) was this race part of Czech republic Championchip.

In Main categories Seniors the first three skaters were:

  1. Ondřej Suchý /VIVA/

  2. Matěj Pravda /KSB Modřany/

  3. Michal Prokop /BK Náchod/


  1. Eva Praibišová /RTS Prague/

  2. Hana Duspivová /RTS Prague/

  3. Šárka Mudrová /RTS Prague/

The biggest star of this race was italian representative Nicolo Greguoldo who dominated two of three disciplines in category Juniors A (age 18 - 19 )


Hanka Duspivová /RTS Praha/ - Inline Centrum




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